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Water Purification, Wherever it's Needed.

Introducing a new, portable machine that turns contaminated water into clean drinking water.

Drinking water from virtually any source

No pre or post treatment

This safe, efficient method doesn't require any extraneous treatments of the water.

No Filters or Membranes Needed

With a unique portable system, this unit purifies & provides safe drinking water.

No Harmful Chemicals Used

The system completely eliminates pathogens, chlorides, and other contaminants.

Cost Effective Technology

With a natural energy source and a flameless heater, our systems are designed to be efficient. Our technology efficiently implements a phase change process on the source water which removes the dissolved and suspended solids consistently producing water with less than 200 PPM TDS .

After treatment, water can be used for drinking, or reintroduced into the eco system, helping many countries suffering from water contamination or shortages. The system can be scaled to meet volume requirements, and has incredibly low operating costs. It was designed with a small footprint to allow for ease of portability.

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Check out our "how to get started" Aqua 125 Video and then see how quickly the Aqua 1000 produces a bottle of drinking water from a VERY nasty pond

The Story Behind Water Now

Our business strategy was conceived after hearing one too many stories about the growing global water crisis and recognizing that water contamination was not just a problem that happened in “other” countries.  We decided to explore the possibilities of making an efficient system that wouldn’t require expensive upkeep or harmful chemicals.

From that, the Aqua product line was born.

Water Purification, Wherever It's Needed.

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